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Heart of the Dove Healing Emissary​

lower your blood pressure, 120Life, blood pressure


120/Life offers a practical approach to helping people combat High Blood Pressure, a condition that affects nearly 

1 in 2 adults. Our core product is a proprietary, functional beverage made with six natural ingredients each proven to help lower BP.


LivWell, Plant Protein, Nutrition, Vegan, GMO free, Certified Organic


LivWell Nutrition crafts the finest organic vegan protein powders.


Diamond Mattress, Sleep, Comfortable Sleep, Beds. Mattress

Diamond Mattress

Diamond Mattress is dedicated to pursuing people-first innovation to improve life and transform our relationship with sleep. We commission on every sale and every click and incentivize with bonuses, increased commission rates and other rewards.


The Celtic Knot

The various Celtic symbols are profoundly spiritual and remind us of our rich Irish history. Even with designs that express such profound meaning, the wearers of our keepsakes proclaim their individuality.


Pet Protection, Track your pet

Huan Pet Protection

Huan Smart Pet Tags give owners peace of mind and help prevent heartbreak. We created a better, smarter way to protect your pets - positioned at the sweet spot between form, function, and price.


Pure Hemp Botanicals

Pure Hemp Botanicals

Pure Hemp Botanicals has been crafting Pure CBD products since 2015. Our growing customer base alludes to our quality of product and customer service. Full Spectrum Tinctures, Broad Spectrum Tinctures, Vegan Softgels, Incredible Body Care lotions!



You've arrived at the crossroads between science and nature, luxury and integrity. Welcome to A I M I, a plant-based beauty and wellness initiative harnessing the power of nature. Elevated and effective formulas made from uncompromising botanicals.

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